Frequently Asked Questions

Now that the TR1 is no longer available, what do I do about jobs where I quoted a TR1?

Convert the TR1 quotation to TR200 VFDs. The TR200 meets, and in fact, exceeds the specifications of the TR1 VFD at a reduced price, with higher quality. Your Trane Regional Sales Manager can help you convert your existing quotations to TR200s. They can be contacted at:

    Royce Meili 1-316-633-3256;

What is my price?

Trane has negotiated a very competitive price. Contact your District Manager, make sure you have reviewed the announcement/pricing materials. List prices can be found under Pricing.

What is my warranty?

Current market for competitive VFDs is typically a 12/18 month warranty. The opportunity presents itself for a "sell up" solution for this program since the Trane-Danfoss warranty agreement includes a 36/42 month warranty. Consider generating additional revenue for your office by selling up from the 12/18 to a 24/36 month warranty wherever possible. Extended warranty service products are available for warranties beyond the 36 month time frame.

What about start-up?

An extensive training program is available for Trane service technicians. Regional training is being conducted. Factory training is available on a regularaly scheduled basis. Danfoss Drives also has an extensive network of independent service stations that can assist the local Trane office as required.

Where do I get more information?

Utilize this website to keep up to date on current information, new documentation, and sales tools.

What tools are available for selection, pricing and ordering?

Currently, the following tools are available to help you configure and price the TR200 Series VFD:

  • Trane TR200 Configurator
  • Trane TR200 Series VFD Price Book
  • Trane TR200 Series VFD Order Entry Form
  • Trane TR200 Series Installtion/Operation/Maintenance Manual
  • Trane TR200 Series Submittal Drawings
  • Trane Customer Support Help Line (877-872-6363)

    What are my building automation integration options?

    The TR200 Series VFD integrates to industry standard open protocols, including LonWorks, BACnet and Modbus RTU. These protocols allow seamless integration of the TR200 Series VFD to the Trane Tracer Summit system. For retrofit applications the TR200 Series VFD can also integrate to Johnson Controls Metasys N2 and Siemens Apogee (FLN) systems.

    How are warranty claims handled?

    A procedure has been developed to handle warranty claims handled by Trane service technicians. Details can be found under Service.


    Can I get help with configuration, quotation, specification review and/or applications?

    Yes, you can contact your Trane Account Executive or Danfoss VLT Drives inside sales group at the toll free number: 1-877-872-6363.

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