TR200 Software Update Release Notice
Download TR200 Software Version 3.40
Download TRV-200 S084 Software Version 2.05

TR150 and TR170 Software

Download TR150 and TR170 Software Version 4.46 P618
Download TR150 and TR170 Software Version 4.46 P619
Using version P618 vs P619

TR200 Drive Simulator Software
Trane Drive Energy Analysis Program (13MB)
Trane Harmonic Analyzer (13 MB)
Trane Lonworks (XIF)
MCT 10 Version 5.0

MCT 10 is the preferred software interface tool, Trane Drive Utility (TDU) will become obsolete. NOTE: Delete TDU before installing MCT 10 and remove MODBUS cable before communicating with drive via MCT 10.

To install MCT 10:
Enter CD keycode 52314600
License key 74886100
Tick the box “Install basic version with limited functionality”

Trane Drive Utility Update Patches